Creating shareholder value through EVA

From the shareholder's perspective, the primary objective of executive incentive compensation should be to reward those who create lasting value, not short term profits, and to differentiate management's contribution to share value from the generalized contribution of its and the economy.

We can help your company replace a no-win situation with a win-win situation. Although no F&C plan is the same, we will ensure a plan that:

  •  Makes share value creation its cornerstone.
  •  Knits the components of your company's operations and strategy closely together.
  •  Gives your management team the flexibility to transform your organization.
  •  Digs beneath the surface of incentives and translates them into organizational change.
  •  Gives management the knowledge base they need to create value for shareholders.

We are constantly challenging traditional ideas about strategic pay practices. The results are innovative structures that accommodate our clients’ unique objectives, and really do result in top performance. These innovative plans typically attract the attention of aggressive management teams that are confident about their ability to produce results. They also recognize the value of these plans in attracting and retaining talent.

  •  Identify value components and value drivers.
  •  Identify opportunities to maximize business value.
  •  Value maximizing strategies planning.
  •  Maximizing value at the Deal Stage