MYTH NO.1:Offshore banking is too complicated, costly and confusing

Granted, in the early days, offshore banking was much more complicated. But the world is shrinking. New technology now allows you to bank overseas as easily and conveniently as you can bank down the street.

Every one can now be an international investor from the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a pen, a telephone or a computer.

The few quirks of offshore banking can be learned overnight. And language is not a problem since most havens transact business in English. So do their lawyers, accountants and other professionals who aid international investors banking or conduct business within the haven.

Your professional advisor can give you a reasonably accurate estimate of costs for the various services you may require.

MYTH NO.2:Offshore banking is illegal

Tax evaders, money launderers and other scofflaws do take advantage of offshore haven’s secrecy laws. But so do many corporations who are only taking legal advantage of another country’s more enlightened laws without breaking the laws of their own country.

It’s not necessary for one to go offshore to break a few laws since we have no shortage of tax evaders, money-launderers and assorted criminals right in world wide.

MYTH NO.3:Offshore banking is too risky

Offshore rules are less restrictive than U.S. and European banking laws, so offshore banks operate with greater flexibility in deposit and withdraw, earn much more money for their investors and provide efficience service to their depositors than the overregulated U.S. and European banks.

MYTH NO.4:Offshore banking is only for the wealthy

They typify the flood of Americans and Europeans who go offshore to avoid further erosion of their Limited wealth in U.S. and European banks. Their offshore bank accounts average under $100,000. You need not be a Rockefeller to enjoy the offshore experience.


You will soon see how offshore banking can give you hither investment profits, lower taxes, more financial safety and wealth protection, and a new sense of privacy and security. It is indeed a big world out there with truly great place to put your money!