We assisting foreigner company navigate increasing stricter accounting principles and make sure foreigner owned organization remains in compliance with China’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Generally Accepted Accounting Principles of the United States, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), depending on client’s legislation requirement . Taking advantage of our local and international expertise, our team of accountants is able to provide expert knowledge on a vast range of country-specific GAAP issues in China,.. With years of experience in the countries, we understand the complexities of the financial system in each country and keep your firm’s accounting practices in compliance with rapidly evolving accounting systems, letting you concentrate on your firm’s business strategies.

• Prepare accounting and financial reports in accordance with international standard including IAS and GAAP;

• Prepare financial, accounting work and consulting reports in compliance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations;

• Formulate rules, regulations and systems of accounting and management;

• Provide financial Planning and analysis;

• Provide payroll and social welfare supporting services;

• Arrange auditing services on behalf of the foreign enterprises.