The board is responsible for hiring an executive director to ensure there is a skilled manager at the helm to implement the organization's mission and vision.

The role of a non-executive director has a positive contribution to making and ensuring that the board of directors fulfils its main objectives. The director can exercise an impartial influence and bring to bear experience gained from other fields; executive directors would therefore be well advised to consider the appointment of such directors to serve alongside them.

The challenges the company non-executive directors in Hong Kong face can be broadly classified into four categories: investment related to ethical challenges; collusion among management; conspiracy among employees and undesirable association with outside parties like suppliers and contractors.

The company non-executive directors should always remember to put their corporate ethics compass into business practice. “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

• Independent Non-Executive Director

• Nominee Individual Director

• Nominee corporate Director

• Corporate Governance of Director