Our accountants perform special audits to ensure some or all of the following objectives are achieved by our clients:

• Compliance

Performing independent audits on accounts of companies incorporated under the Companies Ordinance as required by law.

• Control

Recommending improvement that could be made in the procedures for controlling or safeguarding a company's resources.

• Corporate Growth

Assisting companies to achieve their corporate growth strategies by carrying out operational audits.

• Credibility

Increasing the credibility of a company's accounts so that interested third parties will be reassured by the knowledge that the accounts have been audited.

Investigations into problems and making recommendations to clients.

• Other

Special reports for such purposes as valuation of businesses or companies and verification of inflow and outflow, Special reports for acquisition, disposal, merger and stock exchange listings, Assessment, recommendation and execution of internal control, Due diligence and Gathering, analysis of financial and accounting information for litigation purposes, Financial Statement Audit, Reporting Accountant Services, IFRS Reporting and US GAAP Reporting.