Merger and Acquisition transaction advisory services

No matter the size or complexity of your deal, our M&A Transaction Services practice assists you to achieve the best value from a transaction through due diligence, structuring and post-closing activities – in China, throughout Asia Pacific and around the world. We respond on a real-time basis with creative, practical and value-added solutions. Our focused and time-sensitive approach to due diligence, structuring and post-transaction activities provides you with the competitive edge you need in China's challenging and ever-changing business environment.

Our experienced M&A practitioners also have a understanding of China's unique challenges:

Preparation of business proposal

  • Prepare a business selling proposal;
  • Prepare a comprehensive confidential descriptive memorandum for seller;
  • Develop a target profile sheet, grading criteria, short list of candidates and acquisition proposal for buyer.

Tax due diligence and Planning

  • Perform tax due diligence;
  • Advise on tax consideration for both buyer and seller;
  • Advise on tax efficient investment structure;
  • Advise on tax planning for cross border transaction.

Accounting and Finance

  • Advise on pre-acquisition and post-acquisition accounting and financial techniques;
  • Conduct limited review, limited audit and special audit;
  • Prepare pro-forma financial statement;
  • Identify appropriate representations, warranties and indemnities.
  • Statutory Compliance and restructuring
  • Assist with the creation of efficient deal structure;
  • Apply government license and approval;
  • Prepare compulsory statutory transaction support documents.

Due Diligence

  •  Financial due diligence;
  • Tax due diligence;
  • Operational due diligence;
  • Commercial document due diligence.