Foreign Investment Enterprises in China

Foreign Investment Enterprises ("FIE") in China refer to enterprises established under Chinese law using foreign investment fund , which constitutes an important form of utilizing international private direct investment. The-term "FIE" is loosely referred to in Chinese laws and regulations. Literally an FIE refers to an enterprise with foreign investment. However, as a legal concept, the concept of FIE is more complicated than the above literal understanding.

• Equity Joint Venture (EJV)

• Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise

• Representative Offices

Once the type of investment and its holding structure has been determined, we move quickly and efficiently to register that entity and to insure that all registration formalities are observed. While there is no way to avoid all the formalities involved, there are often many legal ways to shorten the amount of time it takes before a company can begin operations Agency service in setting up companies or offices in PRC for foreigners, enterprises and entitles, including:

• Representative offices

• Processing agreement

• Wholly foreign owned enterprises

• Equity Joint Venture

• Agency service in registration, amendment and cancellation with the Administrative.

• Bureau for Industry and Commerce

• Verification of input capital and issuance of verification report.

• Registration with customs, exchange and taxation departments.

• Open bank accounts in China.

• Registration with labor department, providing recruiting and leasing services on behalf of foreign enterprises.

• Assisting companies in the registration of patents, trademarks and trade names with the relevant Chinese authorities.

• Assistance in assets and partner survey.